CHATEAU TREBON - pearl in the petal of water rose

The last great love of Petr Vok of Rožmberk was Třeboň and it became the centre of political, social and cultural life in the Czech lands in his lifetime

The Winter Residence of Schwarzenbergs in the year 1895 - 1922



Třeboň of the Rosenbergs, Třeboň of the Schwarzenbergs, Třeboň as a spa town, Třeboň as a charming town, both tranquil and full of life. The town is dominated by a Renaissance chateau surrounded by a large English park built below the embankment of Svět Pond. The weapons of knights and cavaliers still rattle in the Chateau’s courtyards, where music accompanied by the light steps of dancers can also be heard. Třeboň soothes the body and soul – and everything begins at the Chateau...